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Funeral Services

Funeral Costs

There are normally three components of the funeral account

Complete Services

Firstly, there are the complete services of Frasers. This covers:
• Removal of the deceased from where they have died at any time, bearers, vehicle and facilities in removal of the deceased to our Chapels of Rest.
• Arrangements and attendance of funeral director and staff at the Funeral Home, residence, Church, cemetery or crematorium.
• Helping the family to publish announcements of the funeral arrangement, choose a coffin, flowers and appropriate church music.
• Providing black ties, condolence books and stands, sympathy card wallets and umbrellas as needed.
• Removal of coffin into Church or home including provision of hearse and attendance of funeral director and staff.
• Arterial embalming, hygienic treatment as deemed necessary.
• To prepare and polish a suitable coffin, as chosen by the family, fitted with engraved nameplate and brassed furniture.
• Provision of hearse for conveyance of the coffin to the place of committal or cremation.
• Our professional attention throughout the arrangements, including use all the Funeral Home facilities if required, the chapel of rest, the arrangements interview and administration.


Next is the particular coffin or casket as chosen by the family (for full details see COFFINS & CASKETS).

Funeral Fees

Finally, as a service to our clients, we will pay the various costs associated with the funeral on your behalf. These payments to others generally include:
• Paying Church and Clergy offerings, including the Sacristan, Parish Clerk or Church Sextant
• Musicians playing at the Church, Funeral Home, Crematorium or elsewhere
• Floral tributes or family wreaths
• Grave opening costs, grave-digging, grave purchase where possible, and cemetery caretaker stipend
• Obituary announcements on radio, the internet or newspaper
• Cremation fees & crematorium charge
• Coroner or doctor’s charges when required
• Printing costs, certain catering costs.

Our Terms of Payment

Fraser’s Funeral Home pay the disbursement costs on your behalf, which can often cost thousands of euro. We will prepare the account for the funeral within days and we ask that you kindly pay it within 60 days from the date of the invoice. We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit or credit card and via internet banking.

We are mindful of budget, and are willing to favourably consider an individual’s financial situation regarding the cost of the funeral. Payment plans are welcome so please do mention any concerns when discussing the funeral arrangements.

“The team gave us a lot of support and care during a very challenging time. Many thanks to everyone at Fraser's. We really appreciate how they went above and beyond to support our family and friends.”